Condo Pack

Architecturally Inspired

Wall Sleeve


The wall sleeve can be installed separately at any time during your construction phase

Depth Options

Choose from 5 wall sleeve depths

Condo Pack Cabinet

Color Options

Choose from standard Taupe or a custom color

Modular Design

Allows independent handling for easy installation of 1 and 1.5 ton Air Conditioner Modules

All indoor access to parts and maintenance activities

Module Module Module

(Taupe color shown)


Heating Module


Independent Servicing

Heating modules can be independently, fully or partially removed for servicing

Heating Module Options:

Heating modules available include gas and electric

Cooling Module


Independent Servicing

1 and 1.5 ton cooling modules can be independently fully or partially removed for servicing

Cooling Module Options

11 EER Air Conditioner


Louvre Options

Choose from two louver options

Architectural Louvers Thumbnail
Standard Louvers Thumbnail

Condo Pack

Architecturally Inspired


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